Harmonizing Omics & Heart Failure Drug Development to Create Synthesis Among Existing Knowledge

Time: 9:35 am
day: Pre-Conference Day


Omic phenotyping in heart failure may well be the next frontier in heart failure drug discovery and development. With the enhanced capacity to analyze a plethora of markers, we now have the potential to construct a more exhaustive understanding of the factors and physiological mechanisms underlying heart failure. This workshop will build on real world evidence to demonstrate how different types of omics can contribute to understanding etiologies, advancing understanding of disease pathways, identifying new therapeutics targets and combatting fibrosis:

  • Omic Mastery: Explore the power of omics for a detailed understanding of genetic, protein, and metabolic factors in heart failure
  • Pathway Decoding: Learn how integrated omics data unravels complex disease pathways in heart failure
  • Precision Therapeutics: See how omics guides targeted drug development for effective heart failure intervention