The Industry’s Only Definitive Forum for Preclinical Heart Failure Drug Development

In the wake of SGLT2s, recent resetting of clinical treatment options for heart failure is catalyzing research into defining, identifying, modeling, and addressing subtypes of cardiovascular disease. From bedside back to the bench, industry is weaponizing data and analytics from clinical patient samples for more targeted and effective HFpEF and HF drug development.

The 3rd Heart Failure Drug Discovery & Development Summit will bridge the gap in preclinical knowledge integration to maximize the value of your early-stage cardiac assets. While Jardiance and Farxiga have been monumental in reducing the risk of hospitalization, the ever pressing need to mitigate the exponential growth of heart failure rates and address the inherent heterogeneity of that disease persists.

Join 50+ cardiorenal, fibrosis, and genetic disease teams from biotech and pharma at the only preclinical research forum for heart failure drug development. From uncovering genetic drivers and molecular origins, applying real world data and AI analytics and benchmarking new models, this groundbreaking conference showcases industry approaches and emerging data to improve disease understanding and pioneer targeted therapies. Elevate the robustness of your research and be in the room with industry leaders from Novo Nordisk, Bayer, Regeneron, Pfizer and many more.

Featuring 18+ World-Class Speakers

Past Attendees

“The quality of the speakers and the subject matter was outstanding. The attendees were very interactive, and discussions in the meeting and during the breaks were excellent.’’

Chief Scientific Officer, Cyta Therapeutics

‘’The opportunity to meet and discuss a topic as complex as HF in a dedicated meeting with ample time and with a common goal does not come often and is highly appreciated!’’

Boehringer Ingelheim

‘’The presentations were very informative, cutting edge and "timely", representing the current state of R&D in the Obesity field.’’

Chief Scientific Officer, Mitotherapeutix 

 ‘’The quality of the presenters was excellent, especially the companies that were represented and the seniority of those individuals.’’

CMO, Altimmune 

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